More Photos and Official Specs of the All-New 2009 Honda Fit
Well just a few days ago photos of the all-new Honda Fit (Jazz) leaked onto the web. Now we have some more official photos of the car and product specs of the car that is set to be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show.

Here are some of the changes and specs for the all-new subcompact:

-Windshield moved forward by 4.7 inches to give the interior a more spacious feel
-Wheelbase stretched 2 inches to 98.4 inches
-Length increases by 2.2 inches to 153.5 inches
-Width increases 0.8 inches
-Cargo capacity increases by 1.5 cubic feet to 14.5
-The larger Fit is weighs only 22 pounds more than the last generation
-The 1.5L engine offered in the US gets 9 more horsepower to 118 and torque moves up 21 lb-ft to 107
-New optional sky roof
-Honda plans to increase production for the US market to 70,000 due to increased demand
-The all-new Fit will reach the US by the end of 2008 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_2.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_3.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_5.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_7.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_8.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_14.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_9.jpg carscoop_hionda08jazzfit_12.jpg

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