Tesla has been ramping up Model 3 production in an attempt to get to a point where it’s producing 5,000 units a week. Well now Tesla has stopped production of the Model 3 for four to five days as it seeks to “improve automation” on the production line.

Tesla Model 3

The decision to stop production of the Model 3 was rather abrupt, since the decision to pause production came without warning to Tesla employees that are now forced to take time off unpaid or use vacation days during the shut down. A small number of Tesla employees may be able to find work elsewhere, but it’s expected that most will have to spend the time off at home.

While Tesla is saying that the reason for the shutdown is to improve the production line for the Model 3, it hasn’t actually revealed what it’s improving at its Fremont plant. Elon Musk recently blamed the reliance on automation as one of the causes for the Model 3 delays, so it will be interesting to see what Tesla is changing.

Either way, lets hope that the production shut down doesn’t go past the five day period.

Source: BuzzFeed News