Suzuki Jumps on the "Free Gas Bandwagon" But GM and Ford are Saying No

Yesterday Chrysler announced a new “Let’s Refuel America” campaign that will lock in gas prices at $2.99 a gallon for three years for new buyers. Well today Suzuki also jumped on the bandwagon by offering its own “free gas” promotion.

Suzuki is going to offer 0% interest and free gas for three months on vehicles purchased between May 1st and June 30th through its “Free Gas for Summer” program. Buyers will get a card with a stored amount on it that will vary by model purchased that will basically give them free gas for the next three months.

Chrysler announcement yesterday has sparked a lot of criticism, since it isn’t really saving buyers any money (they have to choose the promotion instead of any rebates). The rebates are a higher dollar amount than most of the buyers will save if they choose the three year gas program.

Ford and GM both announced today that they are going to continue to focus on building fuel-efficient vehicles instead of offering a similar program to compete with Chrysler.

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