Subaru recently introduced the rugged Outback Wilderness and now it’s released a teaser of a second Wilderness model. The teaser previews the Wilderness badge on the front door, but it stops short of revealing which model it’s based on. But if we look closer, we can see that this is likely a teaser of the Forester Wilderness.

If you compare the side mirror placement and creases in the door and fender, it matches the Forester. The teaser also shows off that the Forester Wilderness will be available in the same bright blue as the Outback Wilderness. We also see black fender flares. The Forester Wilderness will also get off-road tires, additional ground clearance and a tweaked x-Mode off-road traction management system.

Subaru has not announced when the next Wilderness model will debut. Maybe this month at the New York Auto Show? Stay tuned.