Subaru has a long list of debuts planned for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show next month. In addition to the S208 and the BRZ STI Sport, Subaru is also going to reveal the Viziv Performance concept at the show.

Viziv Performance concept

According to Subaru, the Viziv concept “is a sports sedan concept model that embodies the brand’s vision for the future of making cars that deliver Enjoyment and Peace of mind to its customers.” This isn’t the first time that Subaru has used the Viziv name for a concept, since it was most recently used for its 7-passenger SUV concept.

While the last Viziv concept provided a preview of Subaru’s new three-row crossover, what could the Viziv Performance concept be previewing? This latest concept is most likely a preview of the next-generation WRX. Of course Subaru isn’t saying if the Viziv Performance concept is actually a preview of the next WRX.

Instead of talking about the design of the Viziv Performance concept, Subaru highlights the concept’s advanced driver-assist technology in anticipation of the future popularization of self-driving vehicles.

Source: Subaru