Sporty 2009 Ford Fiesta S Unveiled in China

Ford has unveiled the Fiesta S at the Beijing Auto Show. The Fiesta S is essentially the same as the Fiesta that was originally unveiled in Europe with some “sporty” elements thrown in.

Do you think it looks better than the Fiesta that was unveiled earlier this year in Geneva?

Ford Fiesta S (Beijing):

2009_ford_fiesta_s_2.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_3.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_4.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_5.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_6.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_7.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_8.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_s_9.jpg

Ford Fiesta (Geneva):
2009_ford_fiesta.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_1.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_2.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_4.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_5.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_6.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_7.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_8.jpg

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