2009 BMW X6 EPA Numbers Released and They Aren't Pretty

BMW has released the preliminary MPG estimates for its newest SUV, the 2009 X6.

The X6 xDrive35i with its 300 horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine achieves 15/20/17mpg city/highway/combined. While the more powerful xDrive50i with its V8 engine achieves 13/18/15mpg city/highway/combined. Those numbers aren’t great at all. I guess if you can afford to buy this vehicle you really don’t care about barely getting 13mpg in the city. If you really do have the money and desire to get this vehicle you might as well wait to 2009 when the hybrid X6 will be released. It will feature a hybrid powertrain mated to the V8 engine. This should improve gas mileage by about 25 percent.

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