Smart has unveiled its newest concept – the smart vision EQ fortwo concept, which describes as its vision of the future of urban mobility. The autonomous concept car is the size of today’s fortwo, but is able to pick up passengers on its own, eliminating the need for something like Uber.

smart vision EQ fortwo

The electric smart vision EQ fortwo is debuting next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle demonstrates how autonomous driving could make future car sharing even more convenient, simple and economically efficient. The concept uses swarm intelligence and autonomous driving, eliminating the need for users to look for the next available car, like with the current car2go car sharing system. Instead, the concept will find the passenger and pick them up directly from their chosen location.

Another benefit is that the interconnected vehicles are always on the road, which reduces the number of parking spaces required in urban areas.

smart vision EQ fortwo

Users simply request a car using their mobile device. A large Black Panel at the front as well as large projection surfaces at the sides allow the smart vision EQ fortwo to be personalized to help users recognize their car. LED displays in place of the headlamps can echo a classic look or take on an eye-like shape, which allows the vehicle to communicate on a more human level. The rear lamps can also have a conventional look or provide detailed information – for example warnings or traffic information.

smart vision EQ fortwo

The front radiator grille serves on the one hand to add a personal touch and on the other to communicate with other road users, like pedestrians crossing the road. If the car is unoccupied, information about local events, the weather, news or the time can be displayed. The smart’s Black Panel Grille indicates whether the car is occupied by one or by two passengers.

The smart vision EQ fortwo is powered by a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery. When not in use, it makes its way independently to a charging station to load up with new energy.

The smart vision EQ fortwo embodies the urban luxury of the future. It is a radical approach with a cool and minimalist design. The show car has the hallmark smart proportions, with accentuated, pronounced wheel arches at the four corners and with no overhang,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG.

Source: smart