Should Chevy Build a Corvette Sedan?… Bob Lutz Isn't Opposed to It!

Apparently Bob Lutz (Vice Chairman of GM) admires what Porsche has done with their lineup. They have managed to make the jump from sports cars to SUVs and now they have the upcoming 2009 Porsche Panamera sedan. Lutz has spoken candidly about the fact that Chevy could do something similar with the Corvette (Which means he isn’t opposed to it).

According to Automotive News the upcoming Porsche and Aston Martin sedans are expected to be smash hits, so they feel that there must be a market for a Corvette sedan.

Does this mean that Chevrolet is working on a 4-door Corvette? Who knows. But would anyone actually buy it if they did? Also is a Corvette in the same league as Aston Martin or Porsche?

Full Story: Autoblog

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