Scion's Lineup Slated to Get New Life Next Year with xB and xD Replacements

Scion is reportedly going to release replacements for the aged xB and xD hatchbacks next year.


Toyota has been very vocal about the current status of the Scion brand and where it will go in the future. Even though it was reported that Toyota studied the idea of turning Scion into a near-luxury brand, it’s now being reported that it will continue to target young car shoppers.
Although the Scion brand will continue to target the same buyers that it has over the last ten years, the brand is slated to get a host of new models, starting as early as next year. With the xB and XD models heading into seventh model year, replacements are expected to arrive next year.

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The boxy xB is going to be replaced in spring 2015 by a version of the European Toyota Auris hatchback. The xD is expected to disappear by mid-2015 and will be replaced by a new sedan that shares its platform with the 2016 Mazda2 hatchback. The new sedan should launch by summer 2015. It’s not known if the xB and xD nameplates will continue, since Toyota recently filed trademark applications for the iA, iD, iM, tD, tK, tR, tS and tZ names.

The iQ is expected to go away by the end of 2014 and the next-generation tC is expected sometime in 2016. Lastly the FR-S will get a redesign that should arrive sometime in 2017. Compact crossovers are the next segment with many automakers like Chevy and Honda releasing new small crossovers this year. Toyota is now reportedly studying the idea of a small Scion crossover that would be based on the Corolla platform.

Source: Automotive News