The new Rolls-Royce Ghost is almost here and leading up to its debut the brand has released a few animated films to highlight some of the features of the 2021 Ghost. Now the final film talks about how the engineers worked hard to make the Ghost’s cabin incredibly quiet, “The Science of Serenity”.

To keep out noises, the team employed a double-skinned bulkhead section to separate the engine compartment with its 6.75-liter V12 engine from the interior. Over 220 pounds of sound-absorbing materials were filled in the cavities in the roof, floor, boot and doors. The double-glazed windows and tires are also lined with lightweight acoustic insulation foam.

Even the HVAC ducts were smoothed to prevent unwanted noises from entering the cabin.

Once all the noises were removed, Rolls-Royce then decided that the completely silent interior would be disorientating for the occupants, so it created a “whisper” – which is “a soft undertone that clients experienced as a single, subtle note”. Each component had to be tuned to a specific resonant frequency.

“The extraordinary acoustic quality of new Ghost is the result of significant engineering developments and fastidious attention to detail, but it really is underpinned by the marque’s proprietary aluminum architecture. There is simply no way we could have created such an acoustically refined environment using a steel platform,” stated Ghost Acoustic Engineering Lead, Tom Davis-Reason.