Project Kahn is Working on a Modified Aston Martin Cygnet

Still scratching your head wondering why Aston Martin decided to rebadge the Toyota iQ minicar, to create the Aston Martin Cygnet? Most of us are… But it looks like Project Kahn is currently working on a modification kit for the mini Aston Martin.

Project Kahn has released a single photo of a modified Cygnet. Project Kahn is in the middle of developing new kits for the Cygnet and is holding brainstorming sessions about it.

aston_martin_cygnet_launch_edition_int.jpg aston_martin_cygnet_launch_editions.jpg aston_martin_cygnet_launch_edition_black.jpg aston_martin_cygnet_launch_edition_black_rear.jpg aston_martin_cygnet_launch_edition_int_2.jpg aston_cygnet_launch_edition_white_fr.jpg

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