Production Version of the VW BlueSport Will be Released in 2012

VW unveiled the BlueSport Roadster Concept at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this week and according to VW engineers there will be a production version in three years.

The BlueSport concept was intentionally designed to be a production ready vehicle, but the reason we have to wait three years is because the concept is constructed of a mix of bespoke and production parts. The production parts are borrowed from VW’s new transverse, front-engined MQB platform, which isnt due in production until 2012. So since those parts wont be available until 2012, the BlueSport has to wait.

When the car is released it’s going to go head to head with the Mazda MX-5 and Lotus Elise.

vw_bluesport_concept_2.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_3.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_4.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_5.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_6.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_7.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_8.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_9.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_10.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_11.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_12.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_13.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_14.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_15.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_16.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_17.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_18.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_19.jpg vw_bluesport_concept_20.jpg

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