Production 2010 Chevy Camaro Convertible Photos Leaked onto the Web?

According to the person that posted these photos on the Camaro5 forums, these two photos are of the production base Chevy Camaro.

If you look closely you will notice that this prototype does not have the placeholder headlights that the rest of the Camaros that have been spotted all over the country. The wheels on each side of the convertible are different as well. This probably represents the base wheels and an upgraded set. The faux hood scoop is also missing from the front of the car.

Let’s hope these photos are real.

Thanks for the tip Rod!

camaro_convertible_prod2.jpg camaro_convertible_prod3.jpg

Camaro SS in Arizona:
camaro_ss.jpg camaro_ss_3.jpg camaro_ss_4.jpg camaro_ss_5.jpg

Twin Black Camaros Caught in Florida:
2010_chevy_camaro_tampa.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_2.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_4.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_5.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_6.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_7.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_8.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_9.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_10.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_11.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_12.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_13.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_14.jpg 2010_chevy_camaro_tampa_15.jpg

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