Those long, tedious hours that it used to take to charge an electric car are almost behind us, thanks to the latest fast charging tech. The good news is that BMW and Porsche are about to reduce the charging times even further with the debut of a prototype 450 kW charger that can add 62 miles of range in only 3 minutes.

Porsche fast charger

Porsche says that the new the new 450 KW FastChargers have a charging capacity that is three to nine times as high as what is currently possible with DC rapid-charging stations. In addition to teaming up with BMW, Porsche developed the 450 kW charging system with Allego, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility and Siemens. 

While the ability to charge an electric car in just a few minutes, the other issue is the fact that today’s electric cars aren’t capable of charging at 450 kilowatts. To show off the its new fast charger, Porsche used a prototype equipped with a liquid cooled charging cable and made some updates to the prototype’s battery cooling system.

Source: Porsche