Porsche hasn’t even unveiled the Porsche Taycan yet, but Porsche has revealed that it starting taking orders for the electric car earlier this month. Porsche hasn’t stated how many orders that it’s already received.

Adam Levine Porsche Mission E
Porsche Mission E

Porsche’s UK managing director Alexander Pollich revealed to Autocar, “The reaction from customers has been fantastic – from the moment we announced the car to now, when we have asked customers to register their interest for the first cars.”

“The next 18 months will be fascinating, as we develop and reveal the car, but what is already clear is that customers are keen,” Pollich continued. “They are talking to our dealers asking how to get to the top of the priority lists and asking to access more information.”

The Porsche Taycan was previewed by the Mission E concept. It will be based on a new platform dubbed J1 and the top version will have around 600 horsepower thanks to two electric motors. The Taycan will also arrive with 800-volt charging technology and a driving range around 300 miles.

Even though Porsche has started taking orders for the Taycan, it has not released the pricing.

Source: Autocar