Obama Administration Slashes Chrysler's Advertising Budget by Half

Chrysler has only been in bankruptcy for close to two weeks, but the automaker is beginning to see how serious Obama’s Automotive Task Force is. Chrysler had planned on spending $134 million over the next nine weeks on advertising, but Obama’s team has reportedly only given the automaker half that amount.

Judge Arthur Gonzalez was skeptical about spending even 50 percent of that amount considering all of Chrysler’s plants have been idled. Robert Manzo, executive director of Capstone Advisory Group and a consultant to Chrysler, testified at a May 4 hearing that the task force “believed that it was not feasible to not spend anything on marketing and advertising for fear of eroding the image of the brand,” during the company’s planned nine weeks in bankruptcy.

Steven Landry, Chrysler exec VP-sales and marketing said in a statement that the advertising efforts “gives us the opportunity to reinforce that it’s business as usual and demonstrate a bright future ahead for Chrysler.”

Full Story: Advertising Age

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