Eight years ago, Nissan helped boost the EV segment when it released the Nissan Leaf, but even almost a decade later, Nissan still only offers one electric car. While other brands have caught up to the Leaf and largely surpassed it, in terms of range, Nissan has only introduced the second-generation Leaf, with a slightly longer driving range. The good news is that Nissan does have another electric car planned and it will likely sell better than the Leaf.

Nissan IMx KURO concept

It’s being reported that Nissan is working on an electric SUV and now we have a bit more details. Clean Technica has released a report that claims that Nissan’s new electric SUV will arrive with a 220 mile driving range, while its exterior will be inspired by last year’s IMx Kuro concept.

With a 220-mile driving range, Nissan’s electric SUV will come up a bit short compared to the Hyundai Kona, but it’s driving range will be closer to the Chevy Bolt. The report also claims that Nissan is targeting a price around $45,000 for the new electric SUV.

Source: Clean Technica