Last year Nissan previewed a new electric crossover with the debut of the IMx concept and Nissan has already confirmed that a production version will arrive by 2020 or 2021. Now it looks like Nissan might be working on additional IM models, since it recently trademarked the IMQ and IMS names.

Nissan IMx concept

The ‘IM’ name stands for ‘Intelligent Mobility’ and the guys over at AutoGuide recently discovered that Nissan filed trademarks with the  European Intellectual Property Office earlier this month for the IMQ and IMS names. The new names could simply be used for additional electric concept vehicles, since it’s not known yet if the production version of the IMx will retain the concept’s name.

Since the ‘x’ in IMX signifies its crossover bodystyle, the “s” in IMS could hint at a sportier electric concept. It’s harder to figure out what the “q” in IMQ could stand for.

There was a rumor that Nissan might debut a new electric concept at the Detroit Auto Show next month, so maybe we’ll get to see either the IMQ or IMS then.

Source: AutoGuide