Right now all of Nissan’s US plants are currently idled thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that Nissan is pushing back its upcoming launches. Nissan needs a win right now to boost sales, which were down 15 percent in 2019, compared to the year prior. The good news is that one of Nissan’s most important models, the Nissan Rogue is getting a complete redo for 2021 and Nissan says it will arrive this fall despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“The all-new Nissan Rogue will be in US showrooms this fall,” a Nissan spokesperson told Automotive News.

The current Nissan Rogue has been on sale since the end of 2013, so it’s definitely due for a refresh. The reason the Rogue is so important to the brand is because it was its best selling vehicle in the US in 2019 with 350,447 units sold. Even with that big sales number last year, the Rogue’s sales in 2018 were much higher with 412,110 units sold.

Nissan hasn’t revealed the 2021 Rogue yet, but recent patent filings with Brazil’s Ministry of Economy¬†are giving us an early look at the new crossover. Production of the 2021 Nissan Rogue is expected to begin this summer.