Nissan Unveils the Updated 2013 Leaf in Japan

Nissan has unveiled the updates to the JDM-spec 2013 Nissan Leaf.

In effort to improve its sales, Nissan is updating its Leaf EV for the 2013 model year. Yesterday Nissan unveiled the changes to the JDM-spec Leaf in Tokyo. The new Leaf will be offered in three trim levels, with the addition of a new cheaper S grade model. But the biggest changes consist of a new electric motor, reduced weight and an improved steering/ suspension.

Under the hood the 2013 Leaf is powered by a new electric motor. The electric powertrain, including an electric motor, inverter and DC/DC converter, are now integrated, resulting in a 30 percent volume reduction and a 10 percent mass reduction. The combined powertrain unit, integrated functions, streamlined battery module and case structure, and use of lighter parts has dropped the Leaf’s weight by 80kg. According to Nissan, the Leaf now has a driving range up to 142 miles in the JC08 mode test mode (up from 124 miles).

Other changes include enhanced regenerative braking performance, a power saving heating system and a new long-life mode where the battery is charged to 80% to extend the battery life (no matter how long its plugged in).


The 2013 Leaf is also now available with leather seats, Nissan’s Around View Monitor and a new BOSE sound system.

Stay tuned for details on the US-spec version soon…