Nissan May Delay the Introduction of the Diesel-Powered Maxima

In 2008 Nissan confirmed that the Maxima would receive a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel, that was developed by Renault for the US market. The original plans saw the introduction of the diesel-powered Maxima being released later this year. But now it looks like those plans have either been delayed or scrapped altogether.

A Nissan spokesman told AutoObserver there is “no official word yet,” regarding Nissan’s maintaining the U.S. launch for diesel-powered 2010 Maxima. The spokesman would also not deny that it was being in fact delayed or that if it was actually being canceled.

“We’re reviewing our mid-term product plans right now [some to be delayed, some potentially canceled], but nothing in concrete as yet,” the spokesman added, saying the company’s U.S. arm “should have some clarity in the coming weeks.”

Other automakers have also recently announced plans to delay or cancel their own diesel programs in the US. Acura has delayed, possibly indefinitely the diesel-powered TSX. GM also announced plans to discontinue development on a new V8 diesel that was to be used in light trucks and SUVs.

There are a few reasons for the automaker’s retreat from the diesel engine in the US. Specifically the declining market and the higher costs to produce the diesel engines and their special exhaust systems. The other issue is that any fuel savings are now being erased due to the fact that diesel now costs more at the pump than regular gasoline.

Full Story: AutoObserver