General Motors is going big with its electric car plans over the next few years, which will see at least 20 new electric cars introduced by 2023, but what does that mean for the Chevy Bolt? The Chevy Bolt forever changed the industry with its more attainable starting price and 238 mile driving range, but if you’re wondering when the next-generation Bolt will arrive, don’t expect it anytime soon.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

According to a new report, the current Chevy Bolt will stick around until 2025 when the second generation Bolt arrives. If the report is true, that means that the Bolt will be on the market for about eight years without a full redesign, which seems like a lifetime considering how fast electric cars are changing. Either way, AutoForecast Solutions is reporting that the next-generation Chevy Bolt will go into production in January 2025.

Since 2025 is still quite a few years away, we can expect the next Bolt to get some significant battery pack and electric motor upgrades. Fast forward to the 1-minute, 25-second mark for the discussion about the next-generation Bolt.