MINI’s design chief Oliver Heilmer recently sat down with Autocar, where he revealed what MINI is currently working on and where the brand may go in the future. With the arrival of the MINI electric car in 2019, MINI’s current lineup will be complete, but could MINI add more models? Maybe.

2017 MINI Cooper

MINI is currently committed to its five “superheroes” lineup, but MINI may look to add a few more models in the next few years as it tries to reach out to the next-generation of car buyers.

“The first Mini was built out of a need. I would like to understand what the needs in the next five to six years will be. We want to look at customers who are 13, 14, 15 years old now. What is their aesthetic approach? It’s obviously influenced by smartphones. But if we understand it right, we can bring this into the future.”

While MINI hasn’t officially decided what new models it will add to its lineup, the next-generation MINI Cooper hatchback is scheduled to arrive in 2021. Heilmer’s goal for the next hatchback is to reduce the current model’s excessive front overhang.

Source: Autocar