Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class Confirmed for the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz is currently showing off the A-Class concept in New York, which is a preview of what we can expect from the next-generation A-Class. Although the current A-Class has been on sale in Europe for quite a while, it hasn’t ever been offered in the U.S. Well according to Car and Driver, that will change with the next model.

The guys over at Car and Driver have confirmed that the next A-Class will be offered here. Of course it the A-Class won’t look exactly like the A-Class concept, but the production version is expected to borrow cues from the front end of the concept. A three-door A-Class will most likely not be offered here, but we can expect a five-door hatchback and a CLS-style sedan version. The A-Class will compete with the next Audi A3 which will be offered as a hatchback and sedan. The A-Class will start below the C-Class and will most likely borrow the new 1.8L from the C250, with the 3.5L as a possibility.

mercedes_benz_concept_a.jpg mercedes_benz_concept_a_5.jpg mercedes_benz_concept_a_6.jpg mercedes_benz_concept_a_10.jpg

Full Story: Car and Driver

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