We’re still quite a few years away from the debut of the next-generation Honda Civic Type R, but Honda recently hinted that it may get a hybrid powertrain.

2018 Honda Civic Type R

“We think it’d be quite easy to achieve Type R performance with a full EV right now, but Type R isn’t just about performance,” Kohei Hitomi, the product manager for the Honda E Prototype told Pistonheads. “It’s also about handling, operation, and driveability. We don’t think it’s as simple as replacing that with electric power. That’s not the right direction for Type R.”

Instead of a switch to a fully electric powertrain, Hitomi revealed that Honda is looking at the possibility of adding some sort of electrification to the next Type R. This means that if Honda does decide to electrify the next Civic Type R, it will likely get a hybrid powertrain.

“People complained when we said the Type R would use a turbocharger, but now they appreciate the new possibilities this has provided,” Hitomi stated. “I believe it would be the same for electrified vehicles as well; people who love Type R will come to realise what it can add to the driving experience. We just need to find the best attributes that are relevant for the Type R, so as to enhance the experience without losing what makes a Type R.”