Next-Gen Chevy Corvette to Get Small Turbocharged V8

GM is setting its sights on European buyers with the next-generation Chevy Corvette. GM’s Mark Reuss has also already stated that the next Corvette will be “completely different.” We’ve heard so many rumors about what could be in planned for the next Corvette, including a mid-engined layout and a split rear window.

The Corvette has always been about large V8s, but according to The Detroit Bureau, GM may also be working on a small turbocharged V8 engine that would appeal to European sports car buyers. If the reports are true, GM has approved the use of a small V8 that is slightly larger than 3 liters in displacement and will be of an overhead-cam with a dry sump oil system. The small turbocharged V8 is expected to put out over 400 horsepower and could have a red line near 10,000 rpms.

The next Corvette is due in 2013 and GM has announced plans to invest $131 million in the Bowling Green Assembly plant that produces the Corvette.

Full Story: The Detroit Bureau