BMW X7 Seven-Passenger Crossover in the Works?

A while back it was reported that BMW was working on a crossover that would be larger than the BMW X5, but then those plans were scrapped. According to Automobile Magazine, BMW is once again thinking about releasing an X7.

According to the mag, the X7 would be based on the X5/X6 crossovers, but with a longer wheelbase to make it a true seven-passenger crossover. Codenamed F17, the model would go head to head with the upcoming Audi Q9 and Mercedes-Benz GL. The biggest challenge that BMW faces is the fact that large SUVs have fallen out of fashion and aren’t good for CO2 balance sheets. An aluminum space frame architecture could help keep the weight down, but that would take even more time and money to develop.

We’ll see…

Full Story: Automobile Magazine