Next-Gen BMW X3 Causes Bomb Scare in New York

Yet another bomb scare in New York City, but this one is a little different. Yesterday a “funky looking” BMW SUV was parked outside of the Museum of Natural History in the Upper West Side of NYC. A passer by called the police after noticing the SUV was parked outside the entrance to the museum and that it was running unattended.

The “funky looking” SUV was actually the next-generation BMW X3 that was covered in camouflage. It seems that Martin Birkmann, a BMW brand manager and test driver was enjoying a picnic in Central Park with his girlfriend, but pressed the wrong button on the key fob to the prototype to remotely turn off the engine. The NYPD bomb squad ended up smashing the rear and side passenger windows of the X3.

Full Story: New York Post