What do we have here? This beauty is the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, which is inspired by the iconic McLaren F1. Professor Gordan Murray decided a few years ago that he wanted to create a successor to the F1, which almost 30 years ago stole all the headlines, since it was the fastest street legal car at that time.

The 2021 GMA T.50 is a light, compact supercar, just like the F1. It’s also powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 engine and has room for three passengers, with the driver sitting in the center of the cockpit.

GMA T.50

The T.50 is powered by a 3.9-liter Cosworth V12 engine that generates 654 horsepower and 344 pound-feet of torque, that’s mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Those specs may not sound too impressive when you think of what Dodge manages to squeeze out of the Challenger, but in this case the T.50 isn’t just about a top speed. Oh did we forget that the engine revs to 12,100 rpm? Also the T.50 only weighs 2,174 pounds, which will make that much power feel like it’s a lot more. Also the V12 engine only weighs 392 pounds.

“From the first touch of the titanium throttle pedal to the V12 screaming at 12,100 rpm, the driver experience will surpass any supercar ever built. No other road car can deliver the package of power, instant responsiveness and driver feedback in such a direct and focused way while remaining comfortable, refined and usable every day,” stated Murray.

GMA T.50

At the rear there’s a 16-inch fan that helps keep the air moving, based on the drive mode your in. If the driver wants more downforce, the fan can help with that. If the driver wants to hit a higher top speed, the fan can also help with that too. The fan also features a V-Max Boost driving mode that pushes the output to 690 hp.

On the outside, the T.50 is just a tad bigger than F1, at 1.2 inches longer, but overall its about the same size as a Porsche 718 Boxster. Even with its small footprint, Murray says that the T.50 can first three adults comfortably. You’ll also notice that traditional side mirrors are missing. The T.50 uses a camera-based rearview system instead, since the mirrors on each side would have just shown the passengers in the seats.

GMA T.50

Inside the T.50 features a minimalistic design.

“Everything about the interior starts with the driver – the central driving position is the clearest demonstration of this approach. Building on this starting point, every control is arranged within easy reach of the driver. Purity of design was our goal, with the utmost quality applied to every element. The cabin is spacious and refined, making the T.50 exceptionally capable of traversing continents in comfort.”

If you want one, you’ll want to act fast, since only 100 units will be built.

“I believe no other company could deliver what we will bring to market in 2022, producing this British supercar will be my proudest moment.”