The Chevy Bolt is about to get rebadged as a Buick in China. Leaked photos of the Chinese-spec Buick Velite 7 have leaked online and we now have our first look thanks to China’s Auto Home.

Buick Velite 7 Leak

As you can see here, the differences between the Chevy Bolt and the Buick Velite 7 are mainly noticeable at the front and rear. The Velite 7 gets thinner headlights and a different grille. At the rear the taillights are also skinnier. To make it look more like a crossover, the Velite 7 also gets extra body cladding over the fenders and side sills.

It also looks like the Velite 7 may have a higher ride height than the Bolt.

If the publication is correct, the Velite 7 will only have a 174 horsepower electric motor, which is down from the Bolt’s 201 horsepower rating. There’s no word yet on the Velite 7’s battery pack and its range.