Volkswagen is going to unveil the eighth-generation Golf GTI in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but an Instagram user has just posted a leaked photo of the new GTI.

Instagram user, wilcoblok has posted a single photo of the next-generation GTI, which gives us our first look at the rear of the new GTI. We can see that compared to the standard Golf, the new GTI will have dual exhausts and a rear diffuser. You’ll notice that the GTI you see here also has a large spoiler, which is not something that the seventh-generation GTI had. What we’re likely seeing here then is either a hotter Clubsport S or the GTI TCR model.

Overall the eighth-generation GTI will get an evolutionary redesign with alloy wheels that are reminiscent of past GTI models.

Under the hood the eight-generation GTI will be powered by VW’s EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. There will two horsepower ratings, with the standard GTI getting around 232 horsepower and the sportier Clubsport version will have around 286 horsepower.

Following the debut of the new GTI in March, the next-generation Golf R will debut in July.