New Models Debut at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show

2008 BMW M3 Concept
BMW has unveiled the new M3 Concept. The car features a 420+HP V8 derived from the V-10 in the M5, that will have either a six-speed manual or a new twin-clutch auto tranny. The concept also features a carbon fiber roof, wide wheel arches, hood bulge, 19 inch rims and different front and rear fascias. The production version is expected to be very close to this version when it arrives later this year, with a convertible version coming out sometime in 2008.
The car looks great. It just needs better rims and a hood without the bulge. 2008_m3_concept_side

Toyota Hybrid X Concept

Toyota is using the auto show to unveil their new Hybrid X Concept. The car is meant to showcase the future styling and technology of Hybrid models from the automaker. This concept may also give us a glimpse of what the next Prius will look like when it debuts sometime in 2009. The concept is a four door, four seater with similar dimensions of a conventional family car. in terms of technology: The car is supposed to be moving closer to zero emissions.

The concept looks much better than the current Prius. It’s interesting how Toyota’s new design language calls for really thick C or D pillars, which create huge blind spots!


Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept

The death of the Insight has lead Honda to create an all new concept that employs the same themes as the old car. The Small Hybrid Sports Concept was designed by Honda R&D team in Germany and it uses an IMA 4-cylinder/ electirc hybrid system. The car is FWD witha CVT transmission. The car lacks rear view mirrors (uses rear view cameras) and 165/60 tires in order to increase gas mileage.

The car is much sportier than the Insight, but what is with the lack of headlights?


Mazda Hakaze Concept

This is the latest concept in a long line of recent concepts from the automaker. This is Mazda’s take at a crossover concept with a roadster feel. Mazda has stated that out of all three of the concepts that have been shown so far this year, the Hakaze Concept has the best chance of being produced.


Opel GTC Concept

Opel is showing off their newest concept car, the Gran Turismo Concept. This is a great looking car, even though it isn’t revolutionary. What’s important is the fact that this car could one day come to the U.S. as a Saturn product. Since all of the new Saturns are actually Opels.


2008 Bentley Brooklands Coupe

Bentley has unveiled the new 2008 Brooklands Coupe. The company describes the car as "the world’s most elusive coupe". The car will feature the company’s most powerful V8 ever, a 6.75L twin turbocharged engine producing 530hp. They plan on only producing 550 of cars. The styling of the car was inspired by the 1920s era.

I like the Continental R coupe much better.


2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio

Jaguar has unveiled a new edition of its popular XKR, the 2008 XKR Portfolio. The car features a revised front bumper, hood vents, new aluminum side vents and special alloy wheels. The car also has an Engine-Spun Alloy interior option and upgraded brakes. The engine remains unchanged. The car is supposed to be on sale by the end of the month.    


Hyundai QarmaQ Concept

Qarma_q_conceptThe QarmaQ is a joint venture between General Electric Plastics and Hyundai. The crossover features "perfomance composites and thermoplastics" that replace the areas where most common cars would have metal and glass. Apparently this car is also supposed to provide a hint of what the next Tucson will look like. The side windows are shaped like a "C" to give the occupants helicopter-like visibility.

This is a pretty cool concept. It seems like the "coupe-like crossover" is going to be the next big thing. See Mazda Hakaze.