More 2009 BMW X6 Spy Photos…This is the Best View Yet!

Spy photos of the upcoming BMW x6 SUV/ Coupe crossover have been circulating the internet for weeks. Unfortunately those photos did not reveal much about the overall styling of the SUV. Well now Brenda Priddy & Co finally managed to catch the X6 with very little camouflage, which gives us a real glimpse of the rear hatch.

The sloping rear end takes the styling themes of the Mercedes CLS, but applied to an SUV. Unfortunately the rear is going to not leave much room for cargo and the SUV will only fit 4 people (form over function). I guess if you require more room in your SUV, the X5 is still there.

The BMW X6 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, with a release date sometime in mid-2008.

Click the link below to see the full photos.

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