Mitsubishi has released two more photos of the e-Evolution concept that is going to debut this month at the Tokyo Motor Show. The big news is that the concept brings back the Evolution name, but the e-Evolution concept is also a fully electric SUV, which could give the brand what it needs to make a true comeback.

e-Evolution concept

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept features three electric motors. There is one electric motor at the front to power the front wheels, while two electric motors in the back power the rear. With the three electric motors, the concept features all-wheel drive and a new Dual Motor Active Yaw control system.

The concept also uses Artificial Intelligence to read changes in the road and traffic conditions, coupled with the driver’s intent. The system is able to help support the driver and provide an extra level of safety. The AI system also features a special coaching function that will provide driving advice through voice dialogue and the dashboard display.

e-Evolution Concept

Stay tuned for all the details when the e-Evolution concept debuts on October 25.

Source: Mitsubishi