MINI is going to release a new electric car later next year that will be based on the Cooper hatchback, but that might not be the only EV that MINI is planning. A new report claims that a second MINI electric car is in the works.

MINI Electric Concept

According to Auto Express, MINI is working on a second electric car, but there’s a catch, it’s only going to be sold exclusively in China. China is the biggest market for electric cars and with the Chinese government’s requirements for zero emissions cars, it makes sense that MINI looks at increasing its BEV lineup.

MINI has not confirmed the report, but it will likely team up with China’s Great Wall Motors to design and produce the new electric car. According to the report it will be very different than the electric car that’s debuting next year.

While this second electric car is only going to be offered in China, there’s still a chance that MINI will release more electric cars in other markets. Late last year BMW revealed that it’s looking at the idea of giving the MINI brand an an all-electric lineup. The move would be similar to what Daimler recently did with the Smart brand.

Source: Auto Express