MINI could soon add a second SUV to its lineup to boost its sales, which were off by 10 percent this year through October. Auto Express is reporting that MINI will add a second SUV that’s smaller than the Countryman around 2021.

The new “baby” SUV will take advantage of the ever growing SUV segment, but with a smaller footprint that’s more appealing for an urban environment. The new SUV will also be based on a new platform and will also likely offer an electric powertrain option.

MINI has yet to confirm the new smaller SUV, but MINI has already killed any hopes for a larger SUV. “That would not fit with MINI’s DNA – we would not make a seven-seater or something like that,” stated BMW board of management Peter Schwarzenbauer. “I think a Countryman is the maximum size and the right thing for MINI, but I wouldn’t see it getting any bigger.”

When questioned about the smaller SUV, Schwarzenbauer stated, “That would be an interesting option, especially when you look around. There are few car types in the world right now that fit into every market. A small urban SUV is definitely a segment that is extremely interesting, but so far we haven’t made any decision on its direction.”

Even though MINI hasn’t confirmed the new SUV, Auto Express is reporting that the new SUV is in fact in the works and will share its platform with the new-generation BMW X1, 1 Series and 2 Series. There’s also a chance that the next BMW i3 could use the same platform.

Source: Auto Express