Mercedes is Going to Unveil 18 Different Eco-Friendly Models at the Frankfurt Motor Show

It is rumored that Mercedes-Benz is going to unveil up to 18 different “green” vehicles this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This will include a range of diesels, hybrids, Bluetec-diesels and fuel-cell vehicles. Mercedes already provided some of the details on a new S-class hybrid that will also feature a Bluetec-diesel, that will be out by the end of the decade.

Other models that might be unveiled are a new efficient diesel C-Class that will be on the market by 2011 that uses less than five liters of fuel per 100km and only emits less than 130g of carbon-dioxide per km.

Eco-friendly versions of the E-Class and S-class sedans that meet Europe’s future Euro 6 emissions standards will also be unveiled.

Lastly Mercedes may also preview a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle that is based on the current B-class, which could be produced in 2010.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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