Yesterday BMW announced that it’s kicking off a pilot for its new subscription service and now Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that it will launch its own service in June. Just like BMW, Mercedes-Benz is only going to launch the subscription service as a pilot, but at least Mercedes-Benz is choosing two cities for its pilot.

2019 Mercedes-AMG C43

Mercedes-Benz made the announcement to its dealers, but stopped short of confirming the two cities that will launch the pilot and how long it will last for. Mercedes-Benz also hasn’t confirmed the name of the subscription service.

Mercedes-Benz is the latest automaker to launch a subscription service, which is in some ways even more attractive than a lease. The list of automakers with subscription services includes Volvo, Porsche, Cadillac, Lincoln, BMW, Lexus and now Mercedes-Benz. Although all of them give you access to a vehicle for a monthly fee, not all the plans are the same.

For example, Lincoln is only adding used vehicles to its plan and as of right now Lexus has only announced that the new UX crossover will be available under its subscription plan. Either way all the subscription plans are attractive since a user only has to pay a monthly fee, which covers the cost of the vehicle, insurance and maintenance for a shorter term than most leases. Some plans even allow you to switch your vehicle more often than you’d ever think of doing.

Source: Automotive News