Subscription programs are geared to completely change the car buying service. You’ll no longer have to plop down a large down payment and you can have an even less commitment than a traditional lease. Porsche, Cadillac and Volvo have already launched subscription programs and now Mercedes-Benz is working on one too.

2019 Mercedes-AMG G 63

Mercedes-Benz is close to finalizing its own subscription program for the U.S. according to Britta Seeger, global head of sales for Mercedes-Benz who spoke to Automotive News. “We plan to have something ready within this year.”

Mercedes-Benz has already launched a similar program in Germany, called the Mercedes me Flexperience. The program is similar to Porsche’s subscription program, where customers can drive up to 12 new vehicles a year at a fixed monthly rate. Just like the other subscription programs, the Mercedes me Flexperience monthly rate includes insurance, maintenance, repair, tires and up to 22,369 miles a year.

It’s not yet known how many buyers will gravitate towards the new subscription programs, but Seeger believes that it will be part of the future. “With everything we see from the markets, from the customer … going forward, choice is really the topic of the future,” she said. “Customers are so diverse and they want to have different offers. Subscription is another part of how to offer mobility to our customers.”

Source: Automotive News