Mercedes-Benz continues to expand its EQ lineup and now it’s taking it to new levels with the debut of the Concept EQG, which previews the upcoming electric G-Class. The concept we see here is a near-production version of the G-Class EV, so we don’t expect that much to change once its starts rolling off the production line.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

The good news is that the Concept EQG looks pretty similar to the standard G-Class with its boxy styling. The concept also rides on 22-inch wheels and the spare tire holder on the back has been turned into a lockable box that can store the charging cable.

The Concept EQG keeps the body-on-frame chassis and an electric motor powers each wheel, to give it four-wheel drive. Mercedes-Benz has not announced any specs for the EQG, like its battery size and how much range it has.

The production EQG is currently being worked on, but Mercedes has not announced when it will arrive.