Mercedes-Benz SLC Coupe Spy Photos…Or Is It a Dodge Viper?

Ok from these photos it may look like someone took their Dodge Viper and welded a bunch of ugly metal on the front. Well according to spy photographers this is a test mule for the upcoming Mercedes SLC.

Details are very scare at this point and especially with these photos, since you cant even see the real styling of the car. What we can tell from these photos is that the upcoming car has an incredibly long wheelbase. According to KGP spy photographers the test mule has a 106 inch long wheelbase. It is rumored that this car will be powered by a 6.2L V8 packing somewhere around 500 horsepower.

Other cars that were being driven alongside the test mule were AMG versions of the S-Class, G-Class and C-Class, which adds to the argument that there is actually a Mercedes underneath that Dodge Viper sheetmetal.

Click the link below to see the full photos.

Full Story: Straightline

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