McLaren has officially announced the name of its next Ultimate Series, the McLaren Speedtail, which we’ve been referring to as the BP23. The McLaren Speedtail will be the fastest McLaren model yet and also the most luxurious.

McLaren hasn’t unveiled the Speedtail yet, but only 106 units will be built and all of them were reserved at £1.6million ($2.1 million) before McLaren even made the announcement back in November 2016. When it arrives at the end of 2019, the Speedtail will be the world’s first Hyper-GT and will achieve the highest top speed of any McLaren yet, with the capability to exceed the 243 mph peak speed of the McLaren F1.

The McLaren Speedtail will be powered by a hybrid powertrain and the driver’s seat will be centrally mounted with two additional seats, the same layout as the F1.

McLaren plans to reveal the Speedtail later this year.

Source: McLaren