Mazda's Engineers Beg for More Rear-Wheel-Drive Models

Mazda’s engineers are pushing for more rear-wheel-drive models in the Mazda lineup.


Sadly rear-wheel-drive is becoming almost as rare as the manual transmission. With most automakers moving towards front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive models, rear-wheel-drive is now being relegated solely to “performance” models. Even BMW has announced plans to move its small 1-Series to a front-wheel-drive platform. Well if Mazda’s engineers have their way, Mazda could soon buck the trend.

Mazda’s engineers are reportedly lobbying for more rear-wheel-drive models to set it apart from its rivals. Mazda only offers one rear-wheel-drive model, the MX-5 aka Miata, but there have been constant rumors about a new RX. Edmunds has learned that Mazda’s senior and middle-ranking engineers are pushing for the new models. The engineers feel that the switch to rear-wheel-drive would create more distinctive and fun-to-drive models, but Mazda’s management team is resistant to the idea because of the extra costs that it would take to switch its mainstream models to a new rear-wheel-drive platform.

But there is hope. Mazda is currently teaming up with Alfa Romeo for a new sports car, so Mazda could expand the partnership for more mainstream rear-wheel-drive models.

Source: Mazda via Edmunds