Mazda RX-9 to Borrow Toyota's Hybrid Tech?

The latest reports confirm that Mazda is working on the rotary-powered RX-9, but according to sources Mazda has placed most of resources into developing its new SkyActiv powertrains and the next MX-5. So much so that there aren’t much resources left for the RX-9.

According to one insider, “”We want to take the RX-9 to the next level but just can’t find the man-hours to do it. We have a guideline. We know what we have to do. But as we must give priority to the next-gen MX-5, we only have a small band of guys working on the RX-9.”

The RX-9 will be a coupe when it is released, unlike the RX-8 with its unique rear doors. This means that the RX-9 will be more like a modern day RX-7, but with a hybrid system under the hood thanks to a new partnership between Mazda and Toyota. The partnership will see Mazda’s rotary engine mated to Toyota’s hybrid drive system.

It will be sometime before we see the RX-9, since the next MX-5 is due before it. Will it look like the Shinari Concept from last year’s Paris Motor Show? Lets hope so!

Full Story: Motor Trend