Mazda Hoping to Trim 720 Pounds from Next-Gen MX-5 Miata

2011_Mazda_ MX-5_new_fr3.jpg
Mazda is hoping to put the next-generation on an extreme diet compared to the current model. According to an insider Mazda’s engineers have been given the task of cutting at least 720 pounds from the 2,480 pound curb weight of the current Miata. Mazda hopes that the next-generation Miata will be more closer in character to the original 1989 model. The original Miata weighted 2,178 pounds.

According to the inside source that spoke with Inside Line, the goal will probably not be met, but engineers have made some progress. Some of the methods that the engineers are using is high-strength steel for the body and a smaller, lighter engine. Other things are going to be deleted from the next Miata, like a dashboard glovebox and an owner’s manual.

The next Miata will also be smaller and narrower. The engine is also going to be downsized and could be as small as 1.4 liters. Of course a turbocharger and direct injection will boost the power of the tiny engine.

Full Story: Inside Line