Mazda Ends RX-8 Production Due to Low Sales

Automotive News is reporting that Mazda has stopped production of the RX-8 sports car due to falling sales and higher emissions standards.

Production of the RX-8 reportedly ended in July and sales are expected to end, by the end of the year. Sales of the RX-8 last year were 49 percent lower than in 2009 and sales through July 2011 were down an additional 21 percent.

The RX-8 was powered by Mazda’s 1.3L rotary engine, which put out 232 horsepower. The death of the RX-8 means that Mazda is again without a rotary powered model in its lineup. Mazda claims that the rotary engine will appear again in a future Mazda, while sources claim that engineers are currently working on a next-generation 1.6L code-named 16X.

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