Several automakers are working on adding electrified powertrains to their lineups, which will also include Mazda, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. Last month Mazda still showed some faith in the combustion engine, but tightening global emission regulations will see Mazda add electrification to all its models after 2030.

Kyodo News is reporting that after 2030 Mazda will use electric motors in all its vehicles, which is a big change since in the United States, Mazda doesn’t offer any electric vehicles. In other markets, Mazda does offer a Mazda3 hybrid.

Mazda has already confirmed plans to start introducing electric powertrains and other electric drive technologies in 2019. Mazda is teaming up with Toyota to help develop the technology.

Mazda hasn’t confirmed exactly where the first electrified models will be sold, but instead says they will arrive in “regions that use a high ratio of clean energy for power generation or restrict certain vehicles to reduce air pollution.” That list will definitely include China.

Source: Automotive News