To keep up with its rival Uber, Lyft has teamed up with Waymo to develop self-driving cars. Uber has already been testing self-driving cars, so to keep up Lyft has formed a partnership with Waymo, who is owned by Google parent Alphabet.

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Waymo has been testing self-driving technology for years and currently it’s doing public trials of its technology with Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans in Phoenix, Arizona. Neither company has provided a lot of details about the partnership, but Lyft says that the deal will “accelerate its vision for transportation,” while Waymo stated that the partnership will help its technology reach “more people, in more places.”

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The partnership is non-exclusive, so that means that Lyft can continue its self-driving partnership with General Motors, who is also a Lyft investor. GM and Lyft plan to launch self-driving electric car test fleets starting next year.

Source: Automotive News