Despite Ford’s decision to kill off its sedans in North America, Lincoln says that it’s still committed to its sedan lineup, which consists of the MKZ and Continental. When Ford announced that it was killing off all its sedans, it naturally raised questions about the future of Lincoln’s lineup.

2017 Lincoln Continental

A Lincoln spokesman recently told Automobile Magazine that it is “committed” to the Continental and MKZ sedans. While the Continental may seem like an easy decision, the fact that the MKZ is sticking around, sounds a bit interesting considering how close it is to the Fusion. With Ford’s decision to kill the Fusion, it seemed likely that Lincoln’s version of the Fusion would also disappear.

Even with the commitment to both the Continental and MKZ, the future of the Continental is also unclear, since there were two conflicting reports about the Continental last month. The first report claimed that the Continental could be phased out after its current production run, but a second report then claimed that the next-generation Continental could adopt suicide doors.

Source: Automobile Magazine